Sunday, May 13, 2007

Olivia Palermo: A Star On The Rise

Sharing a cover with top NYC socialites Tinsley Mortimer and Fabiola Beracasa on this week's New York magazine, Olivia Palermo is clearly a star in the making.

To quote:

"I may be a young girl," she told another socialite, "but behind every young girl is a powerful father."

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Anonymous said...

Behind every young bitch is an idiotic father.

Anonymous said...

It's not only what was read - but how you snobbly behaved. If that's how your father raised you. Too bad for you (or) him. Do us all a favor and drop The City - you're the 3rd Pratt. You are the new "Spencer" from the Hills and you know it. Nobody cares, I was just hoping you are no longer a part of the show.

Team Whitney

Anonymous said...

Her father is a nobody. Just a pathetic man, tryin got push his daughter into a life he always aspired to. so say

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Anonymous said...

Olivia Palermo is NO star in the making. Being a spoiled Bitch with a poor work ethic isn't going to get her anywhere. She's obviously jealous of Whitney Port because Whitney has her own clothing line and people actually love Whitney because she is beautiful on the outside as well as within. Olivia has nothing on Whitney and Olivia will never be as beautiful, as sophisticated, as likable, or as talented as Whitney. So, Olivia, I hope you get to read this. Try to be nice and try not to be such a bitch to people, and people might actually start to like you to your face and behind your back!

Siobhan CLine said...

Olivia, can't you just try to be a real person. This persona, that you put off, is just so cold, calus, heartless, and fake! People have given you a big oportunity in life, and you act, and disrepect quite a few. You have great style, and are beautiful, however, the beauty is being shallowed by your shallowness, and okay.. sorry but, your lack of understanding of the real world. Erin is a totally down to earth strait foward girl, and you need to learn from her, rather than think you know it all. Try to gain back some of that dignity. You are special, but don't you want to shine, rather than be in such a negative light? You make me cringe with some of the things you do. I'm a Mom, and I would put your right into place, and humble you if i could. YOu need to go camping in the woods. for a week. with just a stream to bath in.

Anonymous said...

a 'star' in the making? with what skills? maybe if she had some people skills she could do something.just because you have money to dress well it doesn't make you a star. in fact it makes you a sad loser, if it's all you have. get a life, o.

Piper said...

Wow, "Anonymous" must be all one person. Very similar posts. YOU are the loser and obviously jealous. Get a life and stop hiding behind your computer. You must look like you got kicked by a mule. You have to since you are quoting such awful things. I feel bad for your mirror and your friends.

Anonymous said...

Piper you need to watch the city, Olivia is a dirty stinkin' cunthole who needs to pull her head out of her arse...

Anonymous said...

Hi piper, not hiding behind my computer but you cant anymore.. Obviously you're a fan of Oliva and i can only imagine you're as shallow a bitch as she is.. I agree with team Whitney, she is the next spencer pratt and I feel sorry for her and for you if that's the kind of person you choose to defend.. I can only imagine what you look like which is a fat, pimply virgin with braces, so goodluck with your pathetic life and I dont feel sorry for your friends because I know you probably dont have any.. See ya..

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