Monday, May 14, 2007

Byrdie Bell Makes Fun of Olivia Palermo's Cankles

Byrdie Bell to Olivia Palermo:

"kinda looks like u have no shoes on or that ur tights are also shoes... or shoes are also tights... what will the "critics" say? lol"

Source: MySpace


Anonymous said...

I loved the comment above, good read. Olivia is seriously a waste of time, I am embarrassed I am taking time to write this....but she is a piece of crap. Spoiled brat and so rude and ignorant. I hope her fashion job is taken from her, when they actually realize she is a negative light on DVF. She is useless.....really a waste of skin.

Anonymous said...

lmao. olivia is a fugly bitch who only gets attention because she is "rich" and was a cast member of "the city". otherwise, she is such an unappealing person with her manipulative ways. sorry hon, those of us who are good judge of CHARACTER have called u out looooooong time ago. but go ahead with your rich, bitch, ugly self.